Hair stylist services BY JXNMAMA

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Whether you want to call it a balayage, foilyage, or teasy highlight - This service will provide you with the custom dimensional color that best suits your needs. You can enjoy platinum light pieces, darker caramel tones, or something in between. Your stylist @jxnmama will conduct a full consultation in her chair prior to starting the service. You may show photos for inspiration if necessary. All dimensional color services begin at $315 and increase with the amount of product and time used. Please refer to the “pricing” sheet for more information.


*Time may increase depending on length, density, and overall desired end result of hair. There is a time charge of $65/ hour or $35/ half hour when services exceed the 4 hour limit.

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This service is available only to previous clients who have seen your stylist @jxnmama within the last 6 months. Focuses on the “visual” parts of hair: money piece, face frame, top of head and partial crown.


*Time may increase depending on length, density, and overall desired end result of hair. There is a time charge of $65/ hour or $35/ half hour when services exceed the 2 hour limit.




Toner Refresh 120

Once you receive a dimensional color, you will need to maintain it with toner refreshers. All color will eventually fade. Your hair will reveal more yellow / orange tones once the toner begins to fade. All hair is different but it is recommended that you get your toner refreshed at least every 6-8 weeks. Lighter hair colors (blondes) or porous hair will need to refresh toner more often. Text (808) 585-1868 to book your maintenance appointments.


Root Retouch for Greys 120

Permanent color to blend or cover grey hair at the root. Price will increase if roots exceed 1” of regrowth. It is recommended to come back every 6-8 weeks to prevent inconsistencies in the hair. Blow dry finish included. There is an up charge of $35 for added curls to your finish.

Haircut 100

Wash and blow dry finish included. There is an up charge of $35 for added curls to your finish. Stylist does not offer dry cuts.


Deep Condition 100 

Highly recommended for color clients or chemically processed clients. The shines treatment will refresh the pH of the hair, seal the cuticle, with added B3 treatment to repair bonds in your hair. This deep condition will strengthen your hair, seal your hair color, and help to reduce frizz & lock in moisture, enhancing the overall health and appearance of your hair. There is an up charge of $35 for added curls to your finish.


Dimensional Color Appointment:

Dimensional Color $315+


This is our starting price that includes 4 hours of service. 

Pricing will then increase based on the following factors:

-Length and density of hair

-Product and time used

-History of hair

-Desired end result 


We are unable to give exact estimates and cannot guarantee a price over the phone.

There is a time charge of $65/hour or $35/ half hour when services exceed the 4 hour limit. 


Add on services with dimensional color:

Haircut 50

Deep Condition 75

Root Retouch (Greys) 50


Maintenance Appointments:

All services are a la carte unless stated otherwise.


Toner Refresh 120

Root Retouch for Greys 100

Haircut 100

Deep Condition 100

Toner + Deep Condition 195

Toner + Root Retouch 200


When booking multiple services:

Deep Condition 75 add on

Haircut 50 add on




This is the only service that you can book online.  Deposits of $50 are required. You may also text (808) 585-1868 to inquire.


Toner, Root Retouch, Haircut, Deep Condition, and Partial Dimensional Color are all scheduled through texting (808) 585-1868.

Texting to inquire: (808) 585-1868

Please provide the following information:

-First and last name

-Service needed

-Brief history of hair (last 3 years)

-Clear photos of hair in Natural lighting

-Inspiration photos or description of your desired end result.

-Your availability (stylist only works Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday)


Lack of information will cause a delay in 

Responses and booking.


Hair Service Tips


For best results, we recommend enjoying your hair day and not having other appointments or obligations on the day of your service. Although we aim to finish your service in 4 hours, your stylist cannot guarantee a time. Rushing your stylist may result in unfinished services.


Bring food, water, a phone charger, or other entertainment. Depending on the services, you may be in the salon for 4-5 hours. Children are not permitted in the salon, unless they are receiving a service. There are a lot of chemicals and hot tools around the environment. 


Please come to your appointment with clean, dry hair. Buildup of products may hinder the process of lightening your hair. 


Textured/Curly hair? Come in with the style that you wear everyday. If you straighten your hair everyday, wear it straight. If you leave it curly, come in with it curly. We like to see where your hair naturally lays to customize it to your everyday wear. 


Please be cautious with what you wear. Although we cape and cover our clients, we are not responsible for clothes becoming damaged due to the bleach and color that are heavily present in the salon. 

Hair Service Policy


Please kindly alert your stylist of any cancellations at least 48 hours prior to your appointment or you may forfeit your $50 deposit.



If you miss your appointment without notifying your stylist, you will no longer be able to book appointments in the future.



Temperature checks. Please sanitize hands. Mask Required. Observe social distancing. We ask that you come alone to your appointment, unless you are a minor being accompanied by an adult. There is no need to wait in your car, please come into the salon upon arrival.